Why use Coolify Cloud?

Self-hosting and Cloud... What?

  • Same Price, More Benefits. Self-hosting requires one server for Coolify and at least one more for your deployments, as recommended. Each server costs around $5 per month. With Cloud hosting, you can get Coolify for the same price, but with additional benefits.
  • Highly Available. The Cloud instance is designed to be highly available and always prepared to handle your requests, eliminating the need for you to manage it.
  • Free Emails. Email notifications are included in the cost and there is no requirement to pay for a third-party provider.
  • Less Maintenance. You are not required to manage your Coolify instance. We handle it for you.
  • Priority Support. We are available to assist you whenever you require support via Email or Chat.
  • Brag About It. You can impress anyone by saying that you self-host in the Cloud. They will definitely be amazed.