Why should you self-host?

You will be cool.

# The self-hosted version is ready on your server in under a minute - always free, with all functionalities.
>curl -fsSL https://cdn.coollabs.io/coolify/install.sh | bash

Self-hosting in general.

There are plenty of benefits.

  • No Hidden Costs. Cloud providers can become costly once you surpass the free tier. Once you go beyond the free tier, expenses can accumulate rapidly. There are plenty of horror stories.
  • Cost Efficient. You get way more resources for your money and you can save a lot (thousands of $) every month, like this and this and this.
  • Easier Than You Think. Servers (hardware + software) have changed a lot since cloud providers emerged. And with software (like Coolify), you can start hosting in minutes without any maintenance work.
  • Data Privacy. Currently, data privacy is a major issue. By self-hosting, you have complete control over your data and can guarantee that it is not being misused.

Self-hosting with Coolify.

Even more benefits.

  • No Features Behind Paywall. Everything is included in the open-source software (OSS) version. And will always be.
  • No Limitations. You have the freedom to host an unlimited number of websites on any quantity of servers without any restrictions.
  • Nice UI. You get a simple and easy to use UI to manage your servers and applications.
  • Open Source. You can see the source code and contribute to it, if you want. You can shape the future of the software.