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What is Kuzzle?

Kuzzle is a generic backend offering the basic building blocks common to every application.

Rather than developing the same standard features over and over again each time you create a new application, Kuzzle proposes them off the shelf, allowing you to focus on building high-level, high-value business functionalities.


Kuzzle enables you to build modern web applications and complex IoT networks in no time.

  • API First: use a standardised multi-protocol API.
  • Persisted Data: store your data and perform advanced searches on it.
  • Realtime Notifications: use the pub/sub system or subscribe to database notifications.
  • User Management: login, logout and security rules are no more a burden.
  • Extensible: develop advanced business feature directly with the integrated framework.
  • Client SDKs: use our SDKs to accelerate the frontend development.