Scheduled database backups could be configured for PostgreSQL and for Coolify itself.

This schedules are based on cron expressions, so you can configure them to run as often as you want.

You can also use simple cron expressions like:

    'every_minute' => '* * * * *',
    'hourly' => '0 * * * *',
    'daily' => '0 0 * * *',
    'weekly' => '0 0 * * 0',
    'monthly' => '0 0 1 * *',
    'yearly' => '0 0 1 1 *',


Coolify creates a full backup of your PostgreSQL databases. You can specify which database to backup, with a comma separated list.

Coolify own database is also backed up using this method.

Backup command

pg_dump --format=custom --no-acl --no-owner --username <username> <databaseName>

Restore command

The backup has custom format, so you can restore it using the following command (or with any equivalent tool):

pg_restore --verbose --clean -h localhost -U postgres -d postgres pg-dump-postgres-1697207547.dmp


mysqldump -u root -p <password> <datatabaseName>


mariadb-dump -u root -p <password> <datatabaseName>


mongodump --authenticationDatabase=admin --uri=<uri> --gzip --archive=<archive>

Or if you exclude some collections:

mongodump --authenticationDatabase=admin --uri=<uri> --gzip --archive=<archive> --excludeCollection=<collectionName> --excludeCollection=<collectionName>

S3 Backups

You can also define your own S3 compatible storage to store your backups.