Coolify has a built-in monitoring system, which can be used to monitor your resources and send notifications to your team if something goes wrong.

Currently Coolify monitors the following resources:

  • Disk usage - If your disk usage is above the configured threshold, it does an automatic cleanup.
  • If any of your containers are stopped or restarted.
  • Backup status.


You can set up several types of notifications. Each team could have different notification settings.


Email notifications requires you to set up an SMTP server or supported service (Resend).

System Wide (transactional)

If you self-host Coolify, you can set up a system-wide SMTP server in the Settings menu.

Team Wide

To setup notifications, go to the Team tab and click on Notifications and then Email.

If you have a System Wide Email settings, you can enable to use it for the team. Otherwise, you can set up a custom SMTP server/Resend for the team.


You need to create a bot token on Telegram. You can do that by talking to the BotFather.

More information on how to create a bot token can be found here.

You can add your new bot to a group chat, so you can share these notifications with your team.


You only need to add a Discord webhook endpoint to receive notifications.

More information on how to create a webhook can be found here.


You can subscribe to the following events:

  • Container Status Changed (Stopped, Started, Restarted).
  • Application Deployments (Finished, Failed).
  • Backup Status (Finished, Failed).